"6G Futures" is the focus for 6G research in the UK, providing global leadership and ensuring the UK’s position at the forefront of next generation mobile networks research and innovation.

Drawing on a strong history of collaboration and pioneering work on 5G and future networks, the University of Bristol and King’s College London have established ‘6G Futures’, a world-class centre for 6G research, education and innovation.

The Universities are hosting globally recognised experts in the field. The University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab and the Centre for Telecommunication Research (CTR) at King’s College London, have established extensive research collaboration leading to seminal technical publications, policy papers and ground-breaking use-case demonstrations.  Their pioneering work brought 5G into the mainstream.

In combining their significant expertise to focus on the next generation mobile networks, 6G Futures is unrivalled as a centre for 6G excellence in the UK.



We develop novel 6G architectures, incorporating federated exchange and self-synthesising mechanisms, advance the internet of skills, and embed blockchain, quantum and federated AI technologies.

Designers Working
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6G Futures makes substantial contributions to innovation through prototyping, industry engagement, startups and standards contributions.


We have a long and proven track record of co-creation with industry: the public is only now beginning to see first-hand the enormous potential of 5G networks. We are growing our industrial and vertical collaborations for a successful 6G design.

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Both founding teams have a world-class track-record in contributing hands-on to global standards. We continue contributing to ETSI, IEEE, IETF and 3GPP standards.


We have contributed to important national and international policy debates, and are continue doing so in the context of 6G. We contribute to Ofcom and UK national policy debates.

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