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Courses on Telecoms & Engineering


5G—the fifth generation of wireless technology—promises connectivity benefits that will transform the way we live and work. In this course, instructor Prof Mischa Dohler helps you develop a solid understanding of the 5G ecosystem and the 5G technology and standards roadmap. Mischa—who boasts hands-on experience in pioneering this technology—helps you appreciate the pros and cons of 5G technology and gain an in-depth knowledge of its capabilities. Plus, learn how to identify exciting use cases for which 5G truly matters. The course is a foundational requirement to 6G.


Entrepreneurs love it, large corporations love it, universities and now even governments love it – welcome to the exciting and emerging world of the Internet of Things (IoT). Decades ago, we connected computers and got today’s powerful Internet. In the last few years, we started to connect everyday objects using machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, to create the Internet of Things. But what does this really mean to you, your company and your country? What are the possibilities it offers, and the threats it poses? To become an IoT wizard, join this stimulating online course.


This hands-on and practical course has a strong emphasis on the real work that engineers do every day. Through a combination of videos, articles, and mini-projects, you’ll explore the role of engineers in society, and look at the typical day in the life of an engineer.

As you explore key engineering technologies and challenges, you’ll consider the ways engineers think and communicate, and learn the value of soft skills like empathy and teamwork for working in engineering.
Upskilling: Services
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